Top Tips to Buy the Best All-Inclusive Holiday Package

Newspapers are now flaunting holiday package ads of various travel agents offering budget holidays to luxury vacations abroad.

Newspapers are now flaunting holiday package ads of various travel agents offering budget holidays to luxury vacations abroad.

The summers are here and it’s the best time to book a holiday for 2016. All travel agents have virtually thrown open their holiday discount centre with holiday packages, both domestic and foreign, marketing them as ‘cheap all inclusive holidays’, or ‘low cost holidays’, to ‘luxury family holidays’. Enticing, no doubt!

However before you jump in and book your package holiday, there are a few pointers that you should invariably double check to avoid unpleasantries that could upset your family holiday. So know what’s included and what’s not. Here are some tips to get the best deal:

Perhaps I don’t need to tell you that transportation costs constitute the larger share of your holiday. So is the holiday package offered by the travel agent includes your air, rail, road fares. If not, that will be an extra expenditure. Plan accordingly.

What about meals? Are meals included in your holiday package? Eating in certain hotels can be very costly. Then there are beautiful hotels, but in the middle of nowhere. Staying in these hotels can be very relaxing and value for money, but there might not be any eateries or restaurants nearby. So whatever the hotel charges, you will have to pay. So it’s always advisable to know if your holiday package is room only, EP, MAP, etc.

Where are you going to stay during your holiday is equally important. Has the travel agent mentioned where you would be staying? Ask him specifically to mention in the holiday package not only the hotel name you will be staying, but also its category – whether it’s a 3, 4, 5 star hotel, etc. There are times when the hotel where you were initially supposed to have been accommodated is fully booked. Know (CLEARLY) in such a case what are the alternative accommodations.

Taxes constitute a part of a holiday package. Are you aware, whether the price of a holiday package you intend to take includes these? To put all ambiguity to rest I always ask for an all-inclusive holiday package. Do that and you will be able to budget your holiday better.

Sightseeing, if you are interested, can sometimes be costly. Even if it’s not costly if you are taking a domestic holiday package, nevertheless, it’s your right to know if these costs are included in your holiday package. Entry fees to monuments, museums, and any other places of interest if are not included, plan accordingly.

So that sums up the tips to buy the best holiday package. Remember that good package holidays can take a load off your mind. But a bad one can add to your woes and spoil your holiday.