Long Weekends in 2017 – 14 long weekends in 2017 to plan your perfect vacation and weekend getaways

Long weekends to watch out in 2017Here we are at the last month of the year. While 2016 wasn’t too charitable in offering city-slickers long weekends to plan a quick weekend getaway with many public holidays falling on weekends itself, 2017 on the other hand promises to more than making up for it. With 14 long weekends, starting from January itself, year 2017 will indeed be the year of weekend getaways and vacations. So get up and plan today!

Here are the dates to look out for in 2017:


January 26 (Thursday): Republic Day

Take a leave on Friday and voila, you have a break of 4 days.


February 24 (Friday): Mahashivratri

So combined with Saturday and Sunday, the itinerary looks good with three days to enjoy!


March 13 (Monday): Holi

Leave office early on March 10 (Friday) or start early on March 11 (Saturday) on that road trip you have been postponing for so long. Three days is more than enough.


April 4 (Tuesday): Ram Navami

All you need is to take a leave on Monday (April 3) and combining with Saturday and Sunday soak in some beauty of the many hill stations donning the country.

And if that weekend is not working out here’s another long weekend in April 2017 itself.

April 13 (Thursday): Vaisakhi

April 14 (Friday): Dr Ambedkar Jayanti and Good Friday

Then comes Saturday and Sunday. A four-day weekend and you don’t even need to see your boss to grant you leave.


The holiday season in April 2017 doesn’t end here

May 1 (Monday): May Day

With April 29 (Saturday) and 30 combined, end the month on a high!


June 26 (Monday): Ramzan Eid

Combine Saturday (June 24 and 25) and beat the sweltering heat of the plains, head for the mountains, and come home after three days rejuvenated.


This is the best month of 2017. Since you didn’t take any leaves in July (you didn’t, right?) take two leaves on August 16 (Wednesday) and 18 (Friday), and you have a 9-day holiday. Seems unbelievable, but true! Here’s the equation:

August 12 (Saturday)

August 13 (Sunday)

August 14 (Monday): Janmashtami

August 15 (Tuesday): Independence Day

August 16 (Wednesday): Take leave

August 17 (Thursday): Parsi New Year

August 18 (Friday): Take leave

August 19 (Saturday)

August 20 (Sunday)

Then again work for 4 days and another long weekend opens up:

August 25 (Friday): Ganesh Chaturthi

August 26 (Saturday)

August 27 (Sunday)


In 2016, Gandhi Jayanti was on a Sunday, but in 2017 it gives shape to a perfect pre-festival season weekend for a holiday if you have guests coming in during Diwali.

September 30 (Saturday)

October 1 (Sunday)

And of course October 2 (Monday): Gandhi Jayanti

I always like to take a vacation during Diwali. It helps me beat the pollution and also gives me the opportunity to relax and come home all jazzed-up for the challenges in office in general and the city life in particular. All this enticing long holiday demands for is 2-days leave. Shouldn’t be a problem considering it’s the holiday season. So here goes:

October 14 (Saturday)

October 15 (Sunday)

October 16 (Monday): Dhanteras

October 17 (Tuesday): Take leave

October 18 (Wednesday): Diwali

October 19 (Thursday): Take leave

October 20 (Friday): Bhaiduj

October 21 (Saturday)

October 22 (Sunday)


Have been working all of November without a leave? Here’s two long weekends in December 2017 to end the year on a high.

December 1 (Friday): Eid-e-Milad

December 2 (Saturday)

December 3 (Sunday)

With Christmas (December 25) on Monday combine it with December 23 (Saturday) and 24 (Sunday) and hit the highway for a perfect year-end weekend getaway.