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Incredible  India  is  a  well  established  brand  of   the  Ministry  of  Tourism  around  the  globe.  This  brand  line was introduced  in  the  year  2002-03  and  since  then  it  has  been  growing  successfully  and now  has  become  a  synonym  to  Indian  Tourism.

Indian Tourism  slowly  returning  on the path  of  growth:

  1. Indian  tourism suffered  due  to  the  economic  meltdown  during   past  few  month   but  the  recent estimated  figures  show  positive  trends.
  2. Estimated  figures  indicate  that the first  five  months  of  the  year  2009  have  shown  a  decline  in the  numbers  of  foreign  tourists  arrivals  compared  to  respective  months  of  2008,  but  June, 09  has  presented  a  positive  indication.
  3. The  number  of  Foreign  Tourist  Arrivals  in  June, 2009  was  3.41 lakh  as  compared  to  3.40 Lakh  in  June 2008  and  3.10 Lakh  in  June 2007.  The  growth  rate  in  FTAs  in  June, 2009  over  June 2008  works  out  to  0.2%,  which  might  look  nominal  at  this  stage  but  at  least  gives  positive  indication  for  the  coming  future.
  4. Foreign  Exchange  Earnings in INR  in   June,  2009  were  Rs. 3801 Crores  as  compared  to   Rs. 3409 Crores  in  June, 2008 and  Rs. 2849 Crores in June, 2007.  This  shows  11.5%  increase  in  June, 2009  over  June, 2008.
  5. FTAs during the  period January – June, 09  were 24.67 lakh with a  growth rate of  – 9.3% as compared to  the  FTAs of 27.19 lakh and growth rate of 11.1 % during January-June, 2008

Ministry  of  Tourism’s  efforts  to  promote  India :

  1. Ministry  of Tourism  has  been  proactive  in  releasing  the  campaigns  globally  through  its  360° marketing   strategy  by covering  print,  electronic,  online  and  outdoor  media  for  International  promotion  and publicity.
  2. Ministry  declared  Visit  India  year 2009 and launched visit  India  programme  to  attract  travelers  with  incentives. For  this  purpose  Ministry  of  Tourism  also  developed  a  link site  http://visitindia2009.incredibleindia.org;  along with  private  partners.
  3. The Incredible  India campaign  creatives  were  even  praised by  the  North  Dakota  senator  Byron Dorgan,  in  a  debate  on  the  closure  motion  to  pass  the  US  Travel  Promotion Act, 2009,  where  in  he  appreciated  the efforts  made  by  various  countries  particularly  India,  to  promote  tourism.
  4. TV  Commercial  aired  by  the  Ministry  in  the  International  Markets  as  part  of  its generic  TV  campaigns has  also  earned  laurels. It has  won  awards  in  the  following  international fairs/ festivals during this year.


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