Bed & Breakfast accommodations (B&B) in India

The bed and breakfast accommodation is not a new phenomenon in the West. People offer their houses for guests to stay and breakfast is served in the morning, either in the bedroom or more commonly, in a dining room or the host’s kitchen. And bathrooms are in most cases private. This kind of accommodation is also simply referred as B&B.

Usually bed and breakfast accommodation (B&Bs) may operate either as a primary occupation or as a secondary source of income. Staff often consists of the host and members of their family who live there.

Staying at a bed and breakfast accommodation (B&Bs) can offer better access to popular locations which may not be convenient to the city centre or where the location’s other lodging may be situated. The bed and breakfast accommodation (B&Bs) are usually located closer to locations where other larger lodging competitors may not place a guest accommodation because of market conditions. But in large cities where hotels can be very expensive and rooms are scanty, bed and breakfast accommodation (B&Bs) can be available in the city limits too.

India is now slowly catching up with this novel concept of bed and breakfast accommodation (B&Bs) due to several reasons. With lakhs of tourists coming to the country for different reasons like holidaying, medical treatment, business, etc. hotels are finding in difficult to cope up to the pressure. Moreover there are many beautiful and exquisite tourists spots where building hotels and other forms of lodging options are not economically viable.

This is where bed and breakfast accommodation (B&B) or in that case Homestays come to the rescue! India is known for its hospitality. So Homestays and bed and breakfast accommodation (B&B) are perhaps the best options that travellers and tourists can opt for. Not only do they provide you with affordable accommodation, both Homestays and bed and Breakfast accommodations (B&B) can give you access to mingle, know and enjoy the colourful Indian culture in its true form.

Recently, the Union Ministry of Tourism has launched a Scheme to classify fully operational rooms of Home Stay Facilities as “Incredible India Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Establishment”. The basic idea is to provide a clean and affordable place for foreigners and domestic tourists alike, including an opportunity for foreign tourists to stay with an Indian family to experience Indian customs and traditions and relish authentic Indian cuisine.

Already 81 Establishments have been registered in this Scheme in Delhi, out of which 23 are in the Gold category and 58 are in the Silver category. The total number of rooms registered under the Scheme is 221. The number of establishments registered in the National Capital Region (NCR) is 94.

In view of the positive response received by this Scheme and the potential it has to create additional accommodation, the Govt. of NCT of Delhi has passed the ‘National Capital Territory of Delhi (Incredible India) Bed & Breakfast Establishment (Registration and Regulation) Ordinance, 2007″.

This Ordinance extends to the whole of National Capital Territory of Delhi and exempts Bed & Breakfast Establishments from levy of Luxury Tax and Value Added Tax. Earlier the owners of these establishments had to pay 12.5% Luxury Tax. Moreover, it ensures that the establishment shall not be treated as commercial one and shall only be liable to pay:

(a) Power and water tariff as applicable to domestic or residential use; and

(b) Property tax as applicable to residential tenanted premises with respect to the portion let out to the guests, restricted to the period of occupancy thereof, fully or partly as the case maybe.

The primary features of this Scheme are as follows: –

The guidelines formulated for registration and classification of these establishments are almost similar to the ‘Incredible India Bed & Breakfast Scheme’, which has been launched by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

Both the schemes have an upper limit of five lettable rooms while the Scheme launched by the Govt. of Delhi emphasizes that not more than two thirds of the rooms in the establishment can be registered.

The Scheme launched by the Govt. of Delhi has also delineated the obligations of the owner and that of the guests as well as laid major emphasis on evaluation and certification of food.

The rooms registered under the Union Ministry of Tourism, Scheme shall be deemed to have been approved and registered under the Ordinance.

The owner of the approved establishment would not be required to take any other license under the Sarai Act, 1867, or the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957 or the New Delhi Municipal Council Act, 1994 or the Delhi Police Act, 1978 or any other act relevant to the subject.

In future the registration of Bed and Breakfast establishments in Delhi would be undertaken by the Govt. of Delhi. It is estimated that promotion and implementation of the Bed and Breakfast Scheme would create many more additional rooms, which would cater to tourist inflow in the city that is expected, due to increase in tourist arrivals as well as the forthcoming Commonwealth Games.

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4 thoughts on “Bed & Breakfast accommodations (B&B) in India

  1. Nicky Bakonyi

    I had a reply from Dinesh Bharat offering my friend and I accommodation but I was wondering, before I confirm my dates, if you had any photos or guest comments or a description of the home and family so I feel more comfortable contacting a stranger.
    Thank you

  2. dinesh bharat

    Both the ladies had come and had spent one night at our home. It was fun to welcome guests from such diverse backgrounds. On return to their country the guests sent us the photographs of their stay here. We cherish the good memories.Their remarks are retained in our visitors book.

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