Kausali Resort, Kausali, Himachal Pradesh

The first time we stayed here we thought it was spot on, but the second time we thought “why the hell did we stay here!” Yes, like many businesses running alone without competition, suddenly finding themselves in a precarious situation with competitors coming up, Kasauli Resort too in its earlier days received good patronage – reasons being good service, spotless property, and lack of other hotels in the area (although there were a couple of hotels on the Mall Road).

Kausali Resort is located just a kilometer short of the town, an envious location, no doubt about it. The rooms offer a good view of the valley and mountain ranges, although with properties coming up in its vicinity, the views are somewhat curtailed in many angles.

Meanwhile, Kausali Resort is perhaps the only resort in Kausali and most places in North India that is physically challenged friendly with seated escalator for the elderly and physically challenged to go to the restaurant that’s one level below the reception/ lobby.

While we love the location of Kausali Resort, it’s the maintenance and overall service that require a fillip. On our second visit, the latch of the door to the room was broken and one nudge you can enter the room even after you have locked it. That’s the story of several other rooms. After a few trial and errors we got a room with a secured door. The first time we stayed in the property, the restaurant of Kasauli Resort was perhaps one of the best in town – in terms of cleanliness, food, service and décor. After five years while the food tasted the same, the cleanliness bit had deteriorated – one could make out the table cloths and napkins have been in service for more years than perhaps their chef himself. The resort had also managed to recruit some dumb waiters who were totally unaware of what their chef is good at! Ask them if they could recommend anything, and they will give you a blank look and hand over the menu.

Continuing with their service, the resort has lost their earlier touch of catering to a bigger crowd. If the resort is full capacity, the service goes haywire. When we were staying dinner was part of the package –you go for the buffet in the restaurant. However we were informed that they had a group booking and dinner at the restaurant was not possible and ala carte was recommended which would be served at our room – agreed. After a long wait when the food came it was already cold and when we told the room service guy, all he could do was to give a dumb look.

Interestingly, the next day when I was settling the bill, I apprised the manager about the previous night’s dinner, to which he said, “Kabhi ho jaata hai (it happens sometimes.)” So that sums up Kaussali Resort’s motto!

In conclusion, we’re really in two minds whether to recommend Kasauli Resort to our travelers or not. A few shortcomings overlooked it’s a great property to spend a weekend. But certainly go with a lot of patience and take a look at the other resorts/ hotels in the vicinity of Kasauli Resort.