Hotel Gianz, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

In the midst of the horrendous dusty NH 21 (Alternate), Hotel Gianz is nothing less than an oasis. Well-maintained, a courteous staff and good (I didn’t say great though!) food, we would definitely recommend this hotel. But then why on earth would you go to Baddi for a holiday!! Even if you are breaking journey en route Manali, stay at Swarghat. Ok, back to the hotel. Must say, the hotel is very tastefully done to suit guests, which I comprehended (taking into consideration that Baddi is a major industrial area) are mostly executives coming to meet clients or to attend business meetings.

We entered  into a room with a neatly-made bed and white sheets, walls bearing a fresh coat of paint and AC set at a temperature that quite set the tone for a relaxed evening.

Two things I always feel that decide whether a hotel is worth staying in or not are the bed and the bathroom and Hotel Gianz scores in both. The bathroom was modern and clean and I still remember soaking in a tub of warm water for about half-an-hour felt good after 7 hours of driving.

I have a habit of carrying linen and my pillow wherever I go (strange but true). But, here, because the bed (mattress) was very comfortable, the linen spotless, and pillows the way I like them, I got up feeling real fresh the next day.

We had dinner at the restaurant. The food was good, although we tried not to be adventurous asking the courteous waiter to recommend what the chef was good at – and not surprisingly it was North Indian. The décor of the restaurant was contemporary and tastefully done. No gaudy curtains or wobbling tables.

All in all, Hotel Gianz, Baddi was a truly good experience.