India adventure sports — the next best thing!

Years back only Tom Cruise could do that in Mission Impossible-2 (MI-2), where he is climbing a mountain and jumps from one edgy rock to another to ultimately reach the peak. However in a less filmy style, anyone with a nose for some adventure can do the same now in India. Pranav Kukreti, marketing director at Treks ’n Rapids, one of India’s top travel-cum-adventure companies, believe that Indians are today engaging themselves in Adventure sports in a big way. Says Kukreti, “Over the past six months, camping has caught up with Indians. A lot of people from Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai are coming to the Himalayas for camping. Places such as Uttaranchal, HP, Pachmarhi, Darjeeling and Sikkim have become great camping sites. Parents of young kids want their children to spend quality time now. So the outdoors is the best bet for them.” Good climate is one of the main reasons to divert traffic to these high altitude areas. For instance, the average temperature in Dhanaulti near Mussoorie hovers between 8-25 degrees Celsius in June.What’s more, the traditional favourite river rafting destination Rishikesh is passe. According to industry estimates, tourist traffic to Ladakh is growing by over 100% every year. Rafting on the Zanskar and Indus is the main reason. Travel agencies are also talking about a new phenomenon called hot air ballooning. After Vijaypat Singhania’s mind-boggling feat, state governments eager to promote tourism are using hot air ballooning as a bait. Kukreti believes that it is one of the most marketing friendly forms of adventure travel as sponsors get a lot of coverage on the surface area of the balloon. So what’s stopping you now? Pack that suitcase.

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