Forts of India (India forts)

Forts in India reflects the colourful past of India. India had been ruled by number of dynasties. With wars battles for expansion of one’s was a common affair then, most of the forts were built as a defense mechanism to keep the enemy at bay.

Rajasthan is the major state which beholds number of forts. Watching these forts in India would be a sheer pleasure as one would come across a phenomenal mix of Rajputana and Mughal architecture. Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh are also not far behind.

In fact, the whole of India is dotted with forts of varied sizes. The magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan were built during the medieval period. The notable feature about each of the forts and palaces is the exquisite carving work that has survived till date and still receives appreciation from people worldwide.

Some of the magnificent forts of India are:

(i) Lal Qila or Red Fort
(ii) Gwalior Fort
(iii) Amber Fort
(iv) Ahhichatragarh Fort
(v) Junargarh Fort
(vi) Mehrangarh Fort
(vii) Bala Quila (Fort)
(viii) Jaisalmer Fort
(ix) Chittorgarh Fort
(x) Jaigarh Fort
(xi) Purana Qila
(xii) Ranthambhore Fort
(xiii) Golconda Fort

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