Manipuri cuisine

Manipuri cuisine is a unique experience in itself. It is said that traditional Manipuri fine dining was a literally ‘sit-down’ affair with banana-leaf plates. Their love for rice can be seen in every household here. Some take rice with meat, and some others prefer a fish delicacy along with the main dish.

Yohgchak Eromba: This is special fish delicacy of Manipur and is prepared with dry fish, yongchak (tree-beans) and several herbs and vegetables including potatoes, Chillies, onion, fresh coriander leaves, etc. This eclectic combination of fish, vegetables and bamboo shoots is ideally served fermented.

Mangan Utti: It is very tasty Manipuri dish made from a concoction of mangan (soaked peas), ushoi, rice fried in ghee, milk and spices. The dish is a delight for all Manipuris.

Paknam: This is a steamed fish-based dish that the people of Manipur relish. After mixing chillies, salt and Ngari (fermented fish), cut napakpi, turmeric, gram flour, cumin powder into a paste it is wrapped first with a turmeric leave and then with banana leaves it is steamed boil for at least 15 minutes and then put it in shallow frying pan on fire. The flavour of all the herbs, the banana leaf, the turmeric leaf are captured by the paste which turns golden brown. You can never have enough of it!

Kabok: Among the sweets, Kabok, made up of molasses and rice, is a famous name among the Manipuris. Kabok is made from paddy and flatten rice. It is a low cost wholesome food and has good nutritional value. It can be taken in different forms with sesame, sugar and salt. It is used in ritual ceremony.